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Bitmap Project by Molly Mastley
Today we worked with the magic wand tool. It is located in the bitmap section under the marguee tool. The tolerance allows us to choose how many pixels (using marching ants) around the selected area that we want.  When using the magic wand tool, you (More)
New tools in Fireworks!!!
we started class by going to Fireworks next we pulled up the picture boys playing and they have red eye tool so we zoom 200% in to the boy with the grey shirt and underneath the rubberstamp tool is the red eye tool so now we try to remove the red eye (More)
Scribe post
Today we opened Fireworks and started our summitive. The next scribe is someone.   (More)
Scibe Post
Today, our lyrics are do. We need to complete the Commercial and your Credits. If your Script and your Lyrics have been approved by Mrs. Dixon put all your components together. the next scrbe is Gabby. (More)
Making Star Wars Title
First we went to edublogs and we had to type three complete sentences. Next we had to go into microsoft word and resave a file as LastName_Opening. After that we opened Video Studio 12 and then we watched a video on the star wars title effect. We wen (More)
Today we wrote a clue in each square from the information you researched yesterday. You made the clues from broad to harder. Then after that you save it to your h drive as your last name underscore riddle. These clues that we wrote in the boxes were (More)
10.28.13 Scribe Post
Picture Editing Fixing red eyes on pictures: zoom into the area that needs to be fixed with the zoom tool Select all of the red area with the red eye tool and double click. Do this on both eyes Another option is to use the eraser tool to eras (More)

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