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FCS Breaking Barriers Chat #4its
The ITS will be facilitating the Breaking Barriers Technology Site Visit.  Instead of a "live" chat, we can tweet out our experiences to #fcstour as wel (More)
Breaking Barriers Is for ITS (#4its)
This Friday's live #4its Chat will be held on 3/1/13 from 1:00-2:00 PM but feel free to contribute your thoughts and ideas throughout the day. Next week, (More)
Transformational Classrooms Are For ITS (#4its)
If we think about some other professions, for example, engineering, medicine, or agriculture, it is easy to see how technology continues to transform the way those businesses operate and the types of training and skills those fields require.  In educ (More)
This is a space where my students and I will participate in discussions that are relevant to what we're doing in class. I am new to blogging, as are many of the students in my classroom, but we'll learn together!  Be sure to check out our different p (More)

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