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Bitmap Project by Molly Mastley
Today we worked with the magic wand tool. It is located in the bitmap section under the marguee tool. The tolerance allows us to choose how many pixels (using marching ants) around the selected area that we want.  When using the magic wand tool, you (More)
New tools in Fireworks!!!
we started class by going to Fireworks next we pulled up the picture boys playing and they have red eye tool so we zoom 200% in to the boy with the grey shirt and underneath the rubberstamp tool is the red eye tool so now we try to remove the red eye (More)
Text Tools
~When you get to fireworks you have a 500 by 500 cnavas and 72 for the resolution. ~The text tool is listed under the vector column when you go onto the canvas click on it and then there will be a text box. ~After you can go below and coose any (More)
Fireworks Day(Rubber Stamp Tool,Smudge Tool,Blur Tool)
We left comments on the short films we watched and about the quiz we took on wednesday. We disscused the tools we used before like tha magic wand and the polygon tool. We opened the cake with nuts picture. We learned a faster way to zoom on pictures. (More)

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