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In the past week we have been working on different steps to making a collage. It took about 4 steps to make the finished collage. The first step was to paint 3 different white pages of paper with various colors, some on the same page. We then had to (More)
Art, November 26th.
Today in art I painted my monster sculpture. I used secondary colors by mixing primary colors. (More)
A Monster of a Project
This week in the art lab students are transforming their monsters into a three dimensional piece of art. Eighth grade students are creating with clay, seventh grade students are building sculptures with paper mâché and sixth grade students are making (More)
Digital Portfolios
Yesterday all art classes met in the computer lab. Students set up their blogs which will serve as our digital portfolios. Students learned how to add new posts, change the blog appearance and upload photos of their artwork. More)

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