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What would you do?

Recent events of all sorts have had me thinking, “what would I do?”

From the terrible, terrible tragedy in Connecticut to the seemingly impossible end of the world predictions, there have been quite a few events that have all had implications for educators.

One of the most haunting word pictures for me were the stories of the youngest of children joining hands, perhaps closing their eyes, and being led away from danger. While heartbreaking and tragic that children have experienced such violence, it’s uplifting to hear of the heroic efforts of educators and community members in the face of evil.  The mere act of holding hands and joining together symbolizes a kind of hope and belief in the power of community.  The rest of the world has been left to try to learn some lessons from the awful events of December 14. Thank goodness for organizations such as Common Sense Media that have provided guidance and resources for families and parents to talk to children.

This may also be a time for contemplating the fragility and fleetingness of life.  The often used question, “What would you do if you had only one day left to live?” comes to mind. As an educator, my mind is drawn to that question from the perspective of what my legacy might be.  Would I be the kind of hero that Dawn Hocksprung was?  Would I have the courage that Victoria Soto had? If the world is to end tomorrow, what should I be doing with today?

While I fervently pray that I’ll never have to face a situation like the one at Sandy Hook, there are questions to consider.  What if I only had one day left as an educator or leader?  What would I want to do with that time?  What legacy do I want to leave?

There are so many possibilities it’s hard to put my finger on just area of work for a legacy.  Perhaps it would be the work to create a new kind of reading incentive program, iRead iCreate iShare, with Forsyth County Public Library. Or it could easily be efforts to transform learning through programs like BYOT.

But more than all of these, I would want my legacy and would use one last day to extend a hand to those who are considering a new leadership role.  I’d want to take the opportunity to share a few insights, offer a few questions to consider and perhaps help a leader find their way through an often confusing and stressful path.  What would I do?  I’d hold hands and join with others to build a bridge toward a brighter future.

What would you do?


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