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Debra Addison

At age 40, I graduated from Brenau University, became a grandmother, and began my first teaching job. Today, I am adjusting to the empty nest, spoiling grandchildren and teaching middle school.




January in Georgia is NOT my favorite time of year.  Christmas is over, it gets dark earlier, a lot of people are out sick and I’m generally dragging myself from one day to the next.  Until this year.  On January 9, 2017 school was closed because of inclement weather- snow and ice.  In Forsyth County teachers […]

Technology: Tools or Toys?


Here is my presentation for the Georgia Academy of Science for Saturday, March 30th. This is a summary of my research on student achievement and engagement so far.  I have included samples of student work, apps that students have enjoyed and websites that have been dependable.  We had a slow start at the beginning of […]

Hooray for Diffendoofer Day


Testing time will be here soon, and as usual I start to fret.  Watching this video made me feel much better.   

Easy Organization with Evernote


On more than one occasion, I have been frustrated because I needed files from my home computer at work or needed files from work at home.  I have tried to keep everything organized on a flash drive, but that did not work well.  I also wanted to create an online science notebook for my students […]



Today our school hosted a BYOT tour: I hope it was helpful to others that want to use BYOT devices in their classrooms.  For me, it was a good chance to reflect on how our school and my own instruction has changed since August 2012.  I teach sixth grade earth science and seventh grade life […]

App for Staying on Task


    About three weeks ago I was able to attend the NSTA conference in Atlanta, and I missed two days of school.  After being out of school, I found myself behind on grading papers, planning lessons, and returning emails.  Then, my husband got sick and was hospitalized for seven days.  He is doing better […]

Changes and Challenges


  The first nine weeks of school have flown by so quickly, and looking back I realize I have made a lot of changes in my classroom this year.  The first week of school I set the stage by implementing 5 seating challenges.  My poor sixth graders.  The first day of middle school and I […]

Quiet and the Ideal Classroom


I am reading a interesting book, recommended to me by my daughter, a fellow introvert, that has me wondering about the best learning environment for all students.  BYOT and collaboration sound fun and exciting, but what about the quiet students, like me, that prefer to work alone?  In my mind, I imagine the perfect classroom […]



Welcome to my latest adventure in teaching middle school science.  Next year my school will begin BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology) in the classroom.  Students will be allowed, even encouraged, to use their own mobile, wireless devices for instruction during class.  When I first heard this I panicked as my mind flooded with questions and […]

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