Exploring "Bring Your Own Technology" and Project-Based Learning

Technology: Tools or Toys?


Here is my presentation for the Georgia Academy of Science for Saturday, March 30th. This is a summary of my research on student achievement and engagement so far.  I have included samples of student work, apps that students have enjoyed and websites that have been dependable.  We had a slow start at the beginning of the school year, because this was new to everyone.  However, now we are having so much fun and the students are excited about showing off their work.  I will post some other samples of student work in a separate post very soon- students are still making revisions.


Example of Student Work Using Technology

Fossils:Uncovering the Past See a movie trailer made by a sixth grade student, March 2013.  This  is an example of how creative students can be when given choices of products to demonstrate what they have learned and the tools to make what they envision come true.



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