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Easy Organization with Evernote


On more than one occasion, I have been frustrated because I needed files from my home computer at work or needed files from work at home.  I have tried to keep everything organized on a flash drive, but that did not work well.  I also wanted to create an online science notebook for my students because important information gets lost all the time.  I played around with two options: Microsoft OneNote and Evernote.  For personal use either one would work well, but for using with students- Evernote won.  It has been easy for me to download files, add pictures, capture PDFs online, and organize everything.  The best part is that I can click on share, then click on link, post the link to the class webpage and students can add it to their Evernote notebook.  I started by sharing a study guide for our last unit and now I have shared information for a project by students are completing.  In both cases it was easy for students to access the information and the links within the document continued to work after students saved the document to their notebook.  It has been difficult to find apps that work on a variety of devices.  Evernote also works on all the different devices: laptops, tablets, and cell phones.  There are a lot of  Evernote tutorials to help get started.

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