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About three weeks ago I was able to attend the NSTA conference in Atlanta, and I missed two days of school.  After being out of school, I found myself behind on grading papers, planning lessons, and returning emails.  Then, my husband got sick and was hospitalized for seven days.  He is doing better now, but then Thanksgiving Holidays came around and I found myself further behind than ever.  So, I downloaded an android app called “Stay on Task.”  I have been using it to get things done without feeling overwhelmed.  It is easy to use and for some reason, helps me focus.  At random periods of time, between five minutes to twenty minutes, it makes a sound and displays two buttons.  If I am on task, I click the picture of the student at the desk and it responds with the words, “Good for you!.”  Then I get back to work.  If I am not on task, I push the other button and it responds with, “Get to work.”  When using this app, working feels like a game and I find myself racing against the time.  I have been digging myself out from under the pile of papers and I feel good about getting caught up.  I think I could use this for individual students or the entire class by offering a reward for time on task.  Maybe a minute of freetime at the end of class for each segment of time on task, a thirty second dance party, a round of silent ball, or accumulating points towards one big rerward at the end of the month.  I downloaded the app for free, but today it is $1.99 at Google Play.

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