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Learning with Screencasts
Screencasting is one of the tools I have been looking forward to learning about for a long time. I knew what screencasts were and saw multiple possibilities for implementing them in a classroom, but I have never created one myself. Our fourth grade t (More)
Present Pedagogical Ecosystem
Social networking is not a bubble filled with colleagues we know. It\'s precisely the opposite - an enormous, continuously changing environment in which we choose to collaborate and learn from people we may not know personally. It\'s a new pedagogica (More)
YouTube Kind of Love
YouTube is huge, powerful, and not always beautiful...kind of like love. We simply cannot avoid it. Educators may be skeptical about its content, but they use it in lessons anyway. Many teachers love YouTube, but kids live it. They have accounts, (More)
Portable On-Demand Learning
I thought I knew quite enough about podcasting to say I was ready to use it in my classroom. Explorations of podcasts in iTunes and reading about them on the web proved me wrong: I have had only a slight understanding of what this tool truly is and h (More)
Magic Touch of Wixie
Frequently, I stumble across tweets that refer to blog posts about best Web 2.0 tools for education. More)
4Cs of Student Blogs in Elementary School
Five years ago, Konard Glogowski shared his experiences with blogs in the high-school classroom and described the More)
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off: Boost Rigor with BYOT
One of my responsibilities as the instructional technology specialist this year is to observe classrooms and provide specific feedback on the effectiveness of BYOT and technology integration in classrooms. We have talented professionals in our buildi (More)
If We Stop Throwing Glitter in the Air...
Every time I observe technology being used for the sake of using it, it makes me think of glitter thrown in the air. The effects are amazingly similar - the shiny substance blinds and excites us at the same time. But before we know it, the fun part i (More)
Measure Seven Times
"Measure seven times, cut once," was the proverb I was thinking of after the session on planning and coaching. The importance of scrupulous planning, developing a time line, and making every step of PBL meaningful while keeping a clear focus on the g (More)

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