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Present Pedagogical Ecosystem
Social networking is not a bubble filled with colleagues we know. It\'s precisely the opposite - an enormous, continuously changing environment in which we choose to collaborate and learn from people we may not know personally. It\'s a new pedagogica (More)
Portable On-Demand Learning
I thought I knew quite enough about podcasting to say I was ready to use it in my classroom. Explorations of podcasts in iTunes and reading about them on the web proved me wrong: I have had only a slight understanding of what this tool truly is and h (More)
4Cs of Student Blogs in Elementary School
Five years ago, Konard Glogowski shared his experiences with blogs in the high-school classroom and described the More)
Blog Composition
Today, millions of professional, educational, and personal blogs are living in the endless world of digital information.  They have become a “hot” topic in schools (More)
Breaking Barriers Is for ITS (#4its)
This Friday's live #4its Chat will be held on 3/1/13 from 1:00-2:00 PM but feel free to contribute your thoughts and ideas throughout the day. Next week, (More)
Twitter Chats Are For ITS! (#4its)
What? We’ve been contemplating the notion of a weekly Twitter chat specifically for the Instructional Technology Staff (ITS/MS) of Forsyth County Schools.  A chat in Twitter will provide us a space for collaborating and communicating as we share i (More)
Power of Team Work
  I always knew that PBL can only happen if team work takes place in a classroom. What I have never experienced before is the true power of it. I was surprised how easy and rewarding it was to work with my peers, learn new things together, an (More)
Measure Seven Times
"Measure seven times, cut once," was the proverb I was thinking of after the session on planning and coaching. The importance of scrupulous planning, developing a time line, and making every step of PBL meaningful while keeping a clear focus on the g (More)

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