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January in Georgia is NOT my favorite time of year.  Christmas is over, it gets dark earlier, a lot of people are out sick and I'm generally dragging myself from (More)
Present Pedagogical Ecosystem
Social networking is not a bubble filled with colleagues we know. It\'s precisely the opposite - an enormous, continuously changing environment in which we choose to collaborate and learn from people we may not know personally. It\'s a new pedagogica (More)
Portable On-Demand Learning
I thought I knew quite enough about podcasting to say I was ready to use it in my classroom. Explorations of podcasts in iTunes and reading about them on the web proved me wrong: I have had only a slight understanding of what this tool truly is and h (More)
Magic Touch of Wixie
Frequently, I stumble across tweets that refer to blog posts about best Web 2.0 tools for education. More)
Breaking Through the Digital Divide... A Little Bit At A Time
Logo for the FCS Free WiFi Program Recently Forsyth County Schools convened a tas (More)
Technology: Tools or Toys?
Here is my presentation for the Georgia Academy of Science for Saturday, March 30th. This is a summary of my research on student achievement and engagement so far.  I have included samples of student work, apps that students have enjoyed and websites (More)
Fighting the Fright of BYOT
Fighting the Fright of BYOT A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to step into my old shoes as a Physical Science teacher.  I wanted to give this BYOT thing a try for myself.  After all, it’s one thing to be the idea person, but it’s another to ac (More)
Strategies for Taking Flight with BYOT
"There are two lasting bequests we can give our children. One is roots. The other is wings." ~ Hodd (More)
Easy Organization with Evernote
On more than one occasion, I have been frustrated because I needed files from my home computer at work or needed files from work at home.  I have tried to (More)
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off: Boost Rigor with BYOT
One of my responsibilities as the instructional technology specialist this year is to observe classrooms and provide specific feedback on the effectiveness of BYOT and technology integration in classrooms. We have talented professionals in our buildi (More)
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