© 2012 Jill Hobson Waterfall at Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Slowing Down Time

Waterfall at Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Waterfall at Atlanta Botanical Gardens

There is a technique in photography that is used to create those smooth wispy white effects on waterfalls and streams. This result is created through a combination of lighting and shutter speed – and very importantly a tripod.  Basically the photographer is slowing down time.  By leaving the shutter open for long periods of time, everything in the photograph except for the water stands still without movement.  The water flows and moves and so the exposure captures more light in those areas and creates the wispy white look.

It’s an area of photography that I haven’t had much opportunity to practice because it seems like I’m never in the right place at the right time of day to shoot it.  And that’s not entirely different from my life in the world of technology. Slowing down is a rarity.

Rarely do I get the chance to slow down and revisit concepts over time. And I have to place a special emphasis on reflection to ensure that I take time to think deeply on the work.

Monday morning is a time when I try to set aside time to look over what we’ve done in the past few weeks and what is coming up in the week ahead.  I use my calendar to review what’s been taking up most of time time and to ensure that those things are what support the broader vision.  It’s when I try to slow time down and see if I am creating the effect I really want to achieve.

What techniques are working for you?

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  1. Jerry Bryson
    Posted October 29, 2012 at 8:46 pm | #

    Good post, Jill. This is the first year that I have had to actually slow down and “smell the roses” and actually try to create the effects that I want to achieve. It is so hard when you are working full time and trying to create order in your life AND make a difference.

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