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Distilled Visions in a Sentence, or perhaps Poetry

Vision statements are a central theme for me.  Look at the name of my blog… Bold Visions.  I believe in the power of dreams to create opportunity for change and growth. And the aspiration must be revisited again and again to ensure that course corrections happen as needed.  Leaders who have vision and can tell the story encourage others to pack up and get down the road with them towards making it happen.  It’s visionary leaders who inspire us and challenge us to grow and change.


Scott McLeod tweeted (or rather retweeted) :

Which led me to this wonderful post entitled “do you know the ‘one sentence’ of your life?” by Justine Musk. I was intrigued by the title and more intrigued by the ideas I found therein.  Musk writes,

“It’s not a slogan or a mission statement. It’s about defining the ideas that you stand for and the impact that you have. It’s about what you want to leave behind in your wake. Your legacy.”

There is something powerful about the concept distilling a personal vision statement into one sentence – like the 30, 3, 30 pitch and this is the 30 second version but maybe even shorter.  Is it the 140 character statement to the world?  Twitter would like to think that is all we need.  Think of the distillation of spirits or the press which extracts the juice from grapes to make wine, in both cases something stronger emerges.  Likewise, being able to state your vision in one sentence strengthens the vision with precision.

Musk’s post led me to the original idea posted by Daniel Pink on January 1, 2011. This video montage of clips people sent to Pink is a great inspirational piece.

Musk ends her piece by offering this thought:

It won’t be easy – it’s not supposed to be – but it could be great, epic, elegant like a haiku.

Which got me thinking…Word choice is a powerful thing.  One well placed word can light up an idea while another may cloud it, obscuring the true meaning.  Stating a vision in that timeless poetic form might allow a creative side to come through and paint a story picture that holds even greater meaning.

What would your vision haiku say?

Always curious,
Challenging the boundaries;
Ever the student.

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