Who did it?

We’ve had a debate about who is to blame for the sinking of the titanic. Who do you think is responsible for the disaster?¬†Add to the discussion thread below by posting a reply.

7 thoughts on “Who did it?

  1. Ithink it was Bruce Ismay’s fault because .

    I think it was Bruce Ismay’s fault because Hewasthe owner of white star line wich made the Titanic.

  2. I think that Captian Smith made the Titanic sink because this was his last trip before he was going to retire,and when ever he heard ice-berg warning he went faster..He just wanted to break his record,make money and get over with it..Mabey if he did not go so fast the Titanic could have survived…

  3. It was Bruce Ismay ‘s fault that the Titanic sank because he told Captain Smith to go fast and the Titanic rammed onto the iceberg like the Nautilus rammed onto the Abraham Lincoln in 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea.That is why the Titanic sank.

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