Power of Team Work


I always knew that PBL can only happen if team work takes place in a classroom. What I have never experienced before is the true power of it. I was surprised how easy and rewarding it was to work with my peers, learn new things together, and get excited about project possibilities! Delegating tasks, listening to each other’s opinions, and choosing best ideas made the process smooth and productive. I wonder what happens if a team member doesn’t always want to give in and stubbornly believes that his/her idea is the best. What strategies would I use as a team facilitator to coach such team? How important is it to consider personal characteristics when dividing a large group into teams?

I absolutely loved the GRASPS format! It is a true, easy-to-use compass in the project planning process. I can’t wait to share it with my PBL team in the building. I know I was not the only one who loved it. A few of us have connected with ITS from the BYOT group, and we were able to meet and brainstorm some project ideas together. GRASPS was our anchor, kept us on track, and made the meeting very productive. We have decided to meet every month to discuss what was taught in our groups, learn from each other, and create new ideas.

Engage me with IT is learning in a collaborative environment. What more can a PBL believer ask for? 🙂