Inspiring Classrooms

Every time I get across a good article about instructional technology or watch an inspirational video about dedicated teachers and effective classrooms, I want to share them with educators I know. The purpose of this page is just that – share some good reads and thoughts about education and instructional technology. Please feel free to comment and share additional resource as well.

Raising Small Souls

17 Signs Your Classroom is Behind the Times – an interesting way to look and reflect on what’s going on in our own classrooms. Are we doing the same things year after year? Are we willing to critically think of our own work and make adjustments to improve its quality, even thought we don’t like change very much?

The 12 Most Important Ways to Let People Know They Matter People may forget things we say or do, but they will never forget how they made us feel. What can we do to let people around us. and especially students, know that they matter. It may just change their lives.

More Doodling Makes for Better Learning If research shows that doodling is not a sing of destruction, but a way to express thinking, then let our students doddle as they learn new things every day.

Draw a Stick Man is a game-like inspirational video that delivers a powerful message to its viewers. There is an app available for it as well, where you can choose and edit your own message.

Success Begins with Effective Design about “developing engaging projects that meet curriculum standards and require higher-order thinking skills” is an article written by Gene Bias and Melinda Kolk

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