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Blind Students Use iPads in a Classroom

Just like any classroom filled with teenagers and young adults, this one buzzed with excited murmurs. But rising above the din, robotic female voices intoned headings and instructions: “Calendar.” ”Messages.” ”Calculator.” ”YouTube.” ”Contacts.”” Click here to read the article.

iPads in Education

“News, reviews, resources and more on the use of iPads in the learning environment.” Curated by John Evans. Click here to read.


6 Reasons Tablets Are Ready for the Classroom

“Tablets ready for the classroom? Though tablets have caught on with consumers, the higher education market has been slower to adopt, and understandably so. From grades to degrees to job placement after graduation, the devices that are used in classrooms are tied to important outcomes.” Read the article by Vineet Madan

The Contraband of Some Schools is the Disruptive Innovation of Others with BYOT

“While cities like the one where The Innovative Educator works view student owned devices as contraband, I have found one of the most exciting disruptions to traditional teaching practices to be extending to students the invitation to “Bring Your Own Technology” (BYOT).  Last year, Forsyth County Schools in Georgia  modified their technology guidelines to do just that!”  Read this article by Tim Clark.  

Putting the iPad to Work in Elementary Classrooms

“Camilla Gagliolo got the first inkling there could be some real use for iPads in the classroom when she tried them out initially with students who had learning disabilities. Today, the instructional technology coordinator with Arlington (VA) Public Schools said she thinks the iPad is emerging as a tool that can greatly enhance educational technology after what she believes has been a lull in the field’s progress…” Read the article by Peter Levy.

Lessons from an iPad Rollout

“Florida’s “first iPad high school” has deployed 300 iPads to its high school teachers and students. Thanks to preparations on the infrastructure, training, and security fronts, the fall rollout has proved relatively snag-free.” Read the article by Bridget McCrea.

5 Ways Readers are Using iPads

Whether you think it’s hot stuff or just fluff, the iPad has caught the eye of many educators. Here’s a list of five ways that eSchool News readers say they’re using iPads in the classroom. Read this article here.

Magazines vs. an iPad

This video is demonstrating the power of novelty in engaging young children. Even though it is just a home production, I do wonder if we will be reading actual magazines in 10 years from now. 🙂

Making Math Connections

“A project that uses smartphones as learning tools is giving students a new perspective on math.”  Read the article by Michelle R. Davis.

Mobile Technology Could Help Hispanics in Higher Ed

Almost 90 percent of Hispanics own a mobile device, with 53 percent using their smart phone to access the internet, according to research detailing Hispanics’ use of mobile technology and social sites like Twitter and Facebook…” Read this article by Dennis Carter.

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