Looking for Apps?


Today, there are millions of applications available for iTouches, iPhones, Androids, Pads and other devices. And often, it is very easy to overwhelm ourselves with all the choices. But does it matter what apps you have? Or is it important how you use them?
We want our students to be producers, not just consumers of knowledge, and many apps open the door to this opportunity and students’ creativity. Children now can take control of their presentation modes and styles. They are able to express themselves through different types of media, and apps are just tools to help them do so successfully.
We hope parent and students can use the Shiloh Suggested App List page as a go-to resource when looking for educational application.  We find them useful for elementary grade students.
In addition to the suggested apps, you can visit Appitic, a directory of educational apps, this website  or Apps in Education to read reviews of many educational apps for different devices.
If you are looking for apps for android devices, Android 4 Schools is a useful site to start looking for ideas.

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