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Breaking Barriers Is for ITS! (#4its)

techieteacherga I’m at TechForum 2013 in Atlanta today, presenting on BYOT and Gaming in Ed. Stay tuned! #4its #tltf13
techieteacherga #tltf13 #4its I’ve never met a middle-of-the-road middle school teacher. They either absolutely love it, or…not. πŸ™‚
techieteacherga If you truly value student voice, they must know that their ideas can direct the path of their learning. #tltf13 #4its
techieteacherga If you want kids to be creative, let it be THEIR creativity. Over-critiquing leads to mirroring your work, not showing theirs. #4its #tltf13
techieteacherga Foster inquiry by SCAFFOLDING CURIOSITY. #4its #tltf13
techieteacherga Ask students to list 10 words about America/Americans. Wordle it and see what’s biggest #mightsurpriseyou #4its #tltf13
techieteacherga Embrace praiseworthy failure. #4its #tltf13
PioneerRESATech β€œ@techieteacherga: Embrace praiseworthy failure. #4its #tltf13”
techieteacherga Adaptive capacity – ability to adapt to changed circumstances while fulfilling one’s CORE PURPOSE. #4its #tltf13
techieteacherga When given a choice, why do students pick the boring or the mundane or the same? Because it’s safe. Make ’em take a risk. #4its #tltf13
BYOTNetwork Welcome to #4its Chat! The topic is breaking barriers that exist in schools! https://t.co/lsqavJfswn
BYOTNetwork What are some of the barriers that exist within schools and districts? #4its
CarolAnnDunlap Challenge: Tchrs, Admin, and Parents buying into it and trusting the process. But once they do, watch out! A fire will be lit! #4its
WhitlowWolves Huge Barrier for teachers is CRCT. Teachers think they can’t prepare kids when using BYOT. #4its
SFMSMedia I think some teachers are resistant because they feel it will add to their workload. #4its
_gula Getting teachers to trust that students will make the right choices with their devices #4its
BYOTNetwork Agree! @CarolAnnDunlap What are some ways that you’ve used to achieve the buy-in from the school community? #4its
CarolAnnDunlap Hosting an informational session for parents on BYOT, promoting it daily through morning news, and professional development #4its
Rallengood Teachers buying into the idea that changing the way things are done will work successfully #4its
BYOTNetwork Time and standardized testing are two barriers in schools and districts. How can we overcome them? #4its @WhitlowWolves @SFMSMedia
CarolAnnDunlap Admin support is HUGE too #4its
CarolAnnDunlap Showing teachers that technology can actually “save” them time by using it for short formative assessments #4its
BYOTNetwork @_gula When do teachers learn to trust so that this barrier is overcome? #4its
BYOTNetwork RT @CarolAnnDunlap Showing teachers that technology can actually “save” them time by using it for formative assessments @Socrative #4its
WhitlowWolves Highlight teachers accomplishments. shout-Outs! #4its #4its
BYOTNetwork RT @Rallengood: “Teachers buying into the idea” of change – How does that work in high school? #4its
JEmmert_ITS Teachers need to be comfortable with students taking the lead #4its #4its
dmiller_oms Teachers are afraid of not having control. We need to allow students to take charge of their learning. #4its
ga_techiegal @JEmmert_ITS I agree! Students are so creative when we let them show what they know. #4its
BYOTNetwork RT @JEmmert_ITS: “Teachers need to be comfortable with students taking the lead.” #byotchat #4its
WhitlowWolves @JEmmert ITS Elementary Teachers want too much control. #4its #4its
_gula By seeing other tchrs have success, starting with small activities, building a positive classroom culture #4its #fcstour
BYOTNetwork Several of you have mentioned giving up control – why is this so hard for teachers? #4its
BYOTNetwork @ga_techiegal Do you have an example of that student creativity to share? #4its
CarolAnnDunlap @ga techiegal Yes! It is a shift at first- once allowed to be creative and responsible for learning students don’t know what to do #4its
BYOTNetwork We’ve been already sharing some of these ideas, but how do you work toward breaking barriers in your school? #4its
_gula They feel comfortable & safe doing what they already do. #4its #fcstour
ga_techiegal #4its S’s working in ‘The Castle’ (our updated MC) on a Wixie project during recess. Their idea. http://t.co/dkrR9IFJsR
JEmmert_ITS Teachers are scared of BYOT when they don’t know what devices will be brought in. No more whole group lessons. #4its
BYOTNetwork RT @ga_techiegal Ss work in ‘The Castle’ (our updated MC) on Wixie project during recess-Their idea. http://t.co/zTfS8I8x9S #byotchat #4its
BYOTNetwork @_gula How can we push teachers into that “uncomfortable zone” so that they are open to new learning? #4its
JEmmert_ITS Integrating technology into a cross-curricular PBL environment is real-world. http://t.co/IVS1k668JX #4its
WhitlowWolves @BYOTnetwork have visitors come and observe and give feedback #4its
dmiller_oms We need to be actively involved in classrooms. Help guide lessons with teachers to take away the scariness #4its
CarolAnnDunlap @BYOTNetwork Just like students, create a non-threatening environment where teachers feel comfortable. Co-teach with them to help. #4its
WhitlowWolves Students are ready. Parents and teachers are scared. #4its
BYOTNetwork @JEmmert_ITS So we have the “fear” barrier that we have to learn how to break! #4its
WhitlowWolves Teachers love to see #BYOT in action. WES teachers visited KES to observe. #4its
KimLochbaum Trying to show teachers how they can take what they’re already doing and do it differently. #4its
kathyadkins Yes! @dmiller_oms: We need to be actively involved in classrooms. Help guide lessons with teachers to take away the scariness #4its
BYOTNetwork @dmiller_oms Do you initiate this guidance? or Does it come from the teachers? How do you make it work? #4its
dmiller_oms #4its @WhitlowWolves @BYOTNetwork practice, practice, practice. BYOT has to be a regular occurrence in the classroom #byotchat
_gula @byotnetwork push tchrs to “uncomfort zone” by working w/ them 1 on 1 with lesson design #4its #fcstour
CarolAnnDunlap Initiate guidance. Must have a good relationship with teachers. And let them know it is ok because we are ALL learning. #4its
dmiller_oms @BYOTNetwork may have to initiate it with some teachers.Plan with them, demonstrate it, support them.Let them know it’s ok to not know #4its
CarolAnnDunlap Attend plannings #4its
_gula @BYOTNetwork guidance wrks bth ways. Sometimes you initiate, sometimes tchrs #4its #fcstour
JEmmert_ITS Encourage baby steps. We all have to start somewhere. Giving teachers devices has built comfort. #4its
BYOTNetwork @_gula Good point – often we forget how essential it is to be skilled lesson designers when breaking barriers! #4its
KimberlyPBarnes #4its help teachers understand that the latest, greatest, and most expensive devices are not required! Model the use of various devices…
BYOTNetwork @CarolAnnDunlap I think one of your big talents is being that good relationship-builder with your teachers Carol Ann! #4its
BYOTNetwork I think one way I try to break barriers is by getting people to visit each other to see and communicate about their learning. #4its
BYOTNetwork @KimLochbaum Can you describe an example for us, Kim? I would like to know how it works at your school. #4its
JEmmert_ITS @CarolAnnDunlap I agree! Positive relationships are key! #4its
ga_techiegal #4its People sometimes anticipate the worst case scenario. Things typically go pretty well and they get excited afterward.
emily_dunlap I think it’s important for teachers to realize that BYOT is not something in addition to what they are doing….it’s integrated.
BYOTNetwork @emily_dunlap Agree! I’m looking forward to when we break the barrier & BYOT & the use of all technology is just “normal” learning #4its
meghorsley Sometimes it’s the Ss that break the barriers. Paper laptops make the Tchr want to implement BYOT #4its http://t.co/Wv34NnUAkz
emily_dunlap When a teacher can see another teacher who teaches the same grade level using BYOT, it shows that it’s possible. #4its
BYOTNetwork How excited are all of you about welcoming our visitors next week to Breaking Barriers? Look at our wiki! http://t.co/YiYIaEBEcF #4its
BYOTNetwork RT @meghorsley Sometimes it’s Ss that break barriers. Paper laptops make Tchr want to implement BYOT #4its http://t.co/KEPrLSqHHi #byotchat
ga_techiegal @emily_dunlap #4its So true. Teachers come back so excited after their prof. development visits.
BYOTNetwork @meghorsley I love it!!! That’s a great way to “lead up!” #4its
techieteacherga #4its Just finished moderating a roundtable about Gaming in Education at Tech Forum #tltf13. How to get that “gamentality” into the c’room..
BYOTNetwork @techieteacherga How are you defining the “gamentality” – with tech or without? the fun of learning? the challenge? #4its
JEmmert_ITS @meghorsley Love student initiative! #4its
BYOTNetwork Thanks for participating in the live #4its chat on Breaking the Barriers to learning in the digital age! Keep the conversation going! πŸ™‚
BYOTNetwork #FF #4its Leaders: @techieteacherga @carolanndunlap @sfmsmedia @whitlowwolves @_gula @rallengood @dmiller_oms @jemmert_its @ga_techiegal
BYOTNetwork #FF #4its Leaders (cont.): @kathyadkins @kimlochbaum @kimberlypbarnes @emily_dunlap @meghorsley
emily_dunlap Tchrs worry about not knowing every device/app. It’s not about that, it’s about how Ss can use device as an educational tool. #4its
KimLochbaum @BYOTNetwork Taking “safe” worksheets and paper/glue work we see them using- making them more engaging with apps, etc…a small step #4its
kathyadkins Breaking Barriers #4its chat 3.1.13 http://t.co/cVaVICid74 Visiting Storify for publishing. Thanks to our contributors! Enjoy your weekend!

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