Transformational Classrooms Are For ITS (#4its)

If we think about some other professions, for example, engineering, medicine, or agriculture, it is easy to see how technology continues to transform the way those businesses operate and the types of training and skills those fields require.  In education, though, how different are classrooms from 25 years ago or even from 50 or 100 years in the past?  What are the futures we are preparing our students for that will exist in tomorrow’s workplace?

In Forsyth County Schools, we have focused on the different uses of instructional technology based on the work of Bernajean Porter in her Grappling’s Technology and Learning Spectrum.  The ultimate goal is to move toward the Transforming Uses of technology so that students become information producers instead of solely consuming content.  What does a Transformational Classroom look like?  How do the traditional roles and responsibilities of the teachers and students shift in this learning environment?

Join #4its Chat on Friday morning, February 22, 2013, from 10:00-11:00AM to discuss the Transformational Classroom.  Log in to your Twitter account and follow the hashtag #4its.  In your responses, use that same hashtag so others can benefit from your ideas.  If you’ve never been in a Twitter chat before, simply search for #4its t in a column-friendly twitter app like Tweetdeck or go to and type in the hashtag you want to follow.

By the way, if you’re not sure that technology is transforming agriculture and farming (as stated above), check out this post on the 12 Most Advanced Agricultural Technologies.

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