Blog Post #7

I come up with crazy ideas all the time.  From new ways to produce movies, and moving roads, I can think of the impossible.  I know a lot of my family that run their own businesses. For instance, my father is about to open up his second personal business.  I do have many plans and back-up plan on how to make my ideas work and get money fast. For instance, I want to create the first artificial intelligence to run a hospital. Now to do that I have to go to medical school so I know how to operate the many types of surgeries and know how a hospital works. Then, I’ll be able to go to engineering and coding schools so I may then program the AI to run the whole hospital! Yes, there will be ups and downs, but I’ll find a way through it.

One of my favorite clips is attached to the link, .  This video always makes me laugh because the manican hands look so fake and out of place, but still the characters try to make them seem natural. Also, since they can’t use the fake arms like their own, they fail while doing simple things, but in the funniest way possible.

Blog post #5- Practical jokes ad pranks

I love playing jokes on others, and I find myself doing it all the time.  Whenever I get a joke played on me, I usually try to laugh it off and go with it, but every once and a while I blow it in the prankster face.  I find it really easy to play jokes on others, but i still make it really obvious I’m up to something by constantly grinning or laughing when I see the person who’s about to get pranked.  One joke I’ve done once is when I changed the containers of the salt and sugar, so when my sister wanted some sweet sugar, she got a salty taste instead.  I try my best not to feel embarrased, but I always let it show.

The Brain Games Blog podt (#3)

The Bran Games is a show in which you are introduced to several brain-manipulative games/tests.  One game that I completely fell for is in the beginning when I had to stare at the poker chip and remember my car.  I was fooled when I didn’t notice the fact that they changed all of the cards.  I would recall my memory a 7/10 because I forget a lot of impotant things like money, books, and headphones.  While watching this video, I didn’t learn any new remembrance tactics, but I did learn a lot more about my brain and how it works. I’m always the person being tricked instead of tricking the fool, and I always fall for the trick too! Now you know more about the Brain Games, and some of the things I learned from it.

Am I an Introvert or Extrovert?

           In my opinion, I feel that I’m more of an extrovert. The reason why I say this is because I know that I’m not afraid to make big decision, that may mess up something important to me. Not only that but I’ve been told that I’m filled with confidence. I know for a fact that I want all of the attention that I can get, and I want to take up as much space as possible. Everyone I know has told me once that I’m extremely loud and obnoxious, and I never fail to be heard by EVERYONE! Lastly, I love to stand in high-power poses, making me more noticeable than ever! Some of you may think different, but these are some of the many reasons why I believe that I’m an extrovert.

Every body has a passion in their lives.  Some people love to draw, sing, dance, E.T.C.!  Something that I know I couldn’t live without is volleyball.  Volleyball is an Olympic sport, and a six-on-six game in where each side (team) may get at least three touches before they send the volleyball over the net. The three touches in volleyball are pass, set, hit and they are usually preferred in the order.  I play volleyball for PLA (prolink) and I’m on the Otwell volleyball feeder team.  My position is the outside hitter, which is one of the most difficult positions in the game of volleyball.  As an outside hitter, I must be one of the strongest players on my team, and I must be able to jump the highest too.  Now you know more about the amazing sport of volleyball!!  🙂

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