New tools in Fireworks!!!

we started class by going to Fireworks next we pulled up the picture boys playing and they have red eye tool so we zoom 200% in to the boy with the grey shirt and underneath the rubberstamp tool is the red eye tool so now we try to remove the red eye with that toll then we zoom 200% in to the other boy and use the red eye tool as well but remove bothe at once then we zoom 800% into the grey shirt boys eye and use a realistic blue and color one row of pixels all the wat around so the eye looks blue the zoom out 100% to see then the other eye the same color then go to the white t-shirt boy and make his eyes green with the pecil tool aswell then we  talk about the tools from yesturday such as the ruber stamp tool and the smudge tool and blur then we can make custom changes but we must use the pencil brush and eraser. Next we pull up the picture girl with candy Then we get the marquee tool then select th oval then we hold down the shift key to make it a taller. Next your style should be normal your edge should be fethered at 16. Then we focus us it so it gets a little of the candy box and most of her face. Then we hit select to get to selectinverse on the top then you should get marching ants all around the picture and oval and hit delete then go to your clicker and double click in the center and change the backround to a pleasing color then we saved it as women in our computer literacy folder. next we we made the canvas size tp 400 by 600 then the width should be 374 then the height should be 428 then make the backround peach then use the rubberstamp toll to make 2 boxes of candy change the image size twice as large next use the blur tool to blur the candy you just added then go to the pencil and add a noise ring ypu can enlarge to see it better then use watever tool you want to and change her hair color any color than it is right now. Use one of the lasso tool and move the whole head to a different location. zero in on her eyelids and make eyes on top of the eyelids. Then make one more piece of jewlery. Add facial hair like sideburns a mustache or a beard. Then crop out your favorate thing you did to this photo then she came and looked. Then we got Freetime!!!!!!

Next scriber is William.l







Red eye

lasso tools


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