The Cake Monster

You have probably heard of the Cookie Monster, but did you know that he had a brother? Just like the cookie monster loves cookies that cake monster loves cake. One day, their father, Mr. Monster, found out about the Internet. The Cake Monster said,” TYPE IN CAKE! TYPE IN CAKE!”. He said that because he thought that a cake would pop out of the computer if he typed it in, but instead a whole bunch of information came up about cake. It said that eating too much cake was very bad for you. Both, Mr. and Mrs. Monster got very worried. Cake was all the Cake Monster ate for breakfast, lunch ,and dinner, so they searched healthy foods that Cake Monster could eat instead of cake. That day they found out about fruits and vegtables. The Cake Monster tried all of them, but said the same thing every time. “NO, I WANT CAKE !” After trying to get him to eat healthy foods for a long time The Cake Monster finally got used to some of the healthy foods that his parents were trying to feed him. His parents felt very relieved that he started eating healthy foods. One day, Mr. Monster heard The Cake Monster crying in his room.”What’s wrong?” asked Mr. Monster.”I MISS CAKE!”, said The Cake Monster.” You read it wrong”, said Mrs. Monster. “Eventhough you can’t have cakke all the time, you can have cake sometimes.” “YAY!”

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