Fireworks Day(Rubber Stamp Tool,Smudge Tool,Blur Tool)

We left comments on the short films we watched and about the quiz we took on wednesday. We disscused the tools we used before like tha magic wand and the polygon tool. We opened the cake with nuts picture. We learned a faster way to zoom on pictures. We learned to about and used the rubber stamp tool. The rubber stamp tool copies a picture and paints it to where the blue circle is. The color is where the blue cross is and its copies the color where that cross is. We learned to copy the walnuts on the cake and made it from 7walnuts to 11 walnuts. Then we colored over the walnuts with chocolate to make it look like there is no walnuts left. We did this by puting the blue cross over the chocolate and the circle over thee walnut. We saved the picture of the cake with no walnuts. We learned to smooth out the cake by using the smudge tool. Then we used the blur tool to blend the colors on the cake. Then we opened we the tomato on the grass. Then we removed the tomato and making it look like the tomato was never even there. We saved the tomato as our last name in our computer lit folder. We then opened the cupcake with strawberry and removed the straw berry and covered it with whip cream with the rubber stamp tool. We saved the cupcake picture as our last name underscore no strawberry. We then opened up the pizza picture and made it a pepporoni pizza to a cheese pizza. We saved the pizza as last name underscore no pep.

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