Text Tools

~When you get to fireworks you have a 500 by 500 cnavas and 72 for the resolution.

~The text tool is listed under the vector column when you go onto the canvas click on it and then there will be a text box.

~After you can go below and coose any font you choose. You can also coose the color of your font if you want. To move the text you can click on the pointer and then drag the text anywhere you want to.

~After that you can go below and choose where you would like your text to be anywhere in the canvas. Then you shoose center elinement. Under the size box you can coose which way your letters would like to go, vertical, right, backwards and vertical right to left ect.

~Once you choose a font it will give you a filter area, you then highlight your letters and then click on the plus sign next to your filters and you can choose any you want. That gives the effect that your letters are raised.  You are able to many things with filter.

I choose Jackie to be the next scribe.

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