Water, So Special

Water or shall I say the Universal Salivate, is one of the most simple and yet so impossible substances on Earth. It’s many properties have amazed and captivated scientist around the globe.

Cool Facts:

  1. The Water Molecule is a Polar Molecule this means it has more negative electrodes on one end than positive and in this case the oxygen atom has more electrodes then the two hydrogen atoms.
  2. Water has the property of Cohesion .Cohesion allows the water molecules to stick together .This is why a drop of water is always a perfect sphere.
  3. Adhesion is the property of water that allows itself to pull other water molecules. The property can even cause water to move upwards against gravity.
  4. Obvious  Fact: Water boils at a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius and freezes at 0 degrees Celsius.
  5.  To evaporate water the hydrogen molecule bonds must brake away from the oxygen molecule.

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