Self Portrait (Date: Thursday, February 28, 2013)

Boldness Of The Line: The lines where bolder than I ever seen they where nice and thick it was the easyest to do! When I was drawing my self I was thinking “Humm how thick do I want the lines, Why do I need them so thick or thin?” So I decided thick!

The Outburst Of The Outline: The outline was the hardest thing to do. You had to make sure you where spot on whith your outline. It was hard due to my facial expression and how I looked at the camera. But I did figure out what to do.

The Amazing Colors: The colors of the face was amazing it was bright fun and outgoing. In my honest opinan I liked my shirt color the most and it was so fun to do! Then came the painting part. it had to be spot on with the colors of the pastels so it took a while to mix the paint to the right color to get it right!

The Texture: It wasent the best texture you have ever seen before it was a bit rough. But the roughness of it added the fun part of it, It  looked cool from the outside due to the paint bubbles.

The Space: There was no space anywhere in the picture. All the space was taken by the paint and colors of my portrait.

Shape And Form: The shape was amazing it was the best thing I’v done in a while. It was In the perfect form it stayed in the same nice picture that was taken!

Thanks For Reading!